"Daisy Dead Petals"
Tori-Amos Under-the-Pink
B-side from Under the Pink


March 7, 1994 (UK "Pretty Good Year" single)
May 5, 1994 (US "Cornflake Girl" single)


3:02 (single)
3:03 (A Piano)


Tori Amos


Eric Rosse and Tori Amos

"Daisy Dead Petals" is a B-side from Tori Amos's 1994 album Under the Pink.

Background Edit

"Daisy Dead Petals" was released as a B-side on the UK "Pretty Good Year" limited edition single in March 1994 and on the US "Cornflake Girl" maxi single in May 1994. The song was also included on the second disc of the Australia/New Zealand tour edition of Under the Pink.[1]

Daisy dead petals is giving me a hard time about being a b-side.

Remastered versions Edit

Remastered versions of "Daisy Dead Petals" have been included on Disc E of the 2006 boxset A Piano: The Collection and the 2015 reissue of Under the Pink.

Live performances Edit

"Daisy Dead Petals" was first performed live during the 1994 Under the Pink Tour and has occasionally been played on Tori's tours.[2]

Lyrics Edit

Personnel Edit

Credits taken from A Piano liner notes.[3]

  • Piano and vocals — Tori Amos
  • Originally mastered by Bob Ludwig
  • Mixed by Eric Rosse
  • Produced by Tori Amos and Eric Rosse
  • Strings and woodwind arrangements by John Philip Shenale

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