Lottapianos Tour
Tour by Tori Amos

Associated album

Scarlet's Walk

Start date

July 26, 2003

End date

September 4, 2003


28 total

Opening act

Ben Folds

The Lottapianos Tour was Tori Amos's ninth concert tour. Amos toured in support of her 2002 album Scarlet's Walk.


A few months after the extensive On Scarlet's Walk Tour concluded in April 2003, Amos began the Lottapianos Tour, joined again by drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans. The name of the tour was inspired by her choice of piano-playing singer-songwriter Ben Folds as opening act.

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The Lottapianos Tour, which only visited North American cities, began in Seattle, Washington on July 26, 2003 and ended in West Palm Beach, Florida on September 4, 2003.

Critical reception[]


As with many of Amos' tours, the Lottapianos Tour had a loosely-structured setlist, with song selections changing from night to night. The basic structure of the setlist carried over from the On Scarlet's Walk Tour.

Amos played a total of 97 different songs during the Lottapianos Tour. Frequently performed songs included "God", "Rattlesnakes", "Tombigbee", "Sweet Sangria" and "Take to the Sky".[1]