from Boys for Pele


January 22/23, 1996 (UK/US)


4:07 (Pele)
4:08 (Gold Dust)


Atlantic Records, East West Records, Deutsche Gramophone


Tori Amos


Tori Amos

"Marianne" is the sixth song on Tori Amos' 1996 album Boys for Pele.

Background Edit

Although "Marianne" had been recorded in one take, it took Amos "years to learn" the song itself, finally learning the song before she played with the Metropole Orchestra in 2010. Only the song's vocal lines and piano chords had previously been written out, requiring notation to Amos' original performance on Pele.[1]

Reception Edit

The song's opening lines "Tuna / rubber / a little blubber in my igloo" have been frequently cited as some of Amos' most obtuse lyrics, and she has been asked about their meaning in myriad interviews. Her general response has been "Whatever you think is valid".

Remastered and re-recorded versions Edit

Gold Dust Edit

"Marianne" was re-recorded with the Metropole Orchestra, conducted by Jules Buckley, for the 2012 orchestral album Gold Dust. The song had been performed with the orchestra during the 2010 concert in Moscow, Russia that spurred the album's creation.[2] Amos included "Marianne" on Gold Dust because "so many people around the world have their own Marianne".[3]

Other appearances Edit

Comic Book Tattoo Edit

Kako's interpretation of "Marianne" received mixed reviews from critics.

Timothy Callahan of Comic Book Resources called the piece "a series of powerfully drawn images without any words and without enough of a narrative",[4] and

Live performances Edit

"Marianne" was first performed live during the 1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour and has been played on all of Amos' tours since.[5] While the song is typically played solo on the piano, an orchestral version of the song was performed during a concert in Moscow with the Metropole Orchestra in 2010 and with the Metropole and Warsaw Orchestras on the Gold Dust Orchestral Tour in 2012.

Personnel Edit

Credits taken from Boys for Pele liner notes.[6]

  • Bosendorfer and vocal – Tori Amos
  • Strings performed by The Sinfonia of London
  • Musical Director – Peter Willison
  • Arranged by John Philip Shenale
  • Orchestrated and conducted by Scott Smalley

References Edit