"Me and a Gun"
Single from Little Earthquakes


3:42 (single)
3:44 (Little Earthquakes)
3:43 (Tales of a Librarian, A Piano)


Atlantic Records, East West Records


Tori Amos

"Me and a Gun" is the first single off of Tori Amos's 1992 debut album Little Earthquakes and the eleventh song on the album itself.


Remastered versions[]

Remastered versions of "Me and a Gun" were included on the 2003 greatest hits collection Tales of a Librarian, Disc A of the 2006 boxset A Piano: The Collection, and the reissue of Little Earthquakes in 2015.

On <i>Tales of a Librarian,</i> "Me and a Gun" was directly followed by "Bliss". For Tori, this sequencing had particular thematic weight:

The extremes of having "Me and a Gun", and "Bliss" on the record, so there was "Me and a Gun" and "a man on my back", the song about the rape, into "Father, I killed my Monkey". I thought things were improving then (chuckle), and um, it was important that we take you out of this woman's rape in a way that shows you how she has transcended.[1]

Live performances[]

The first recorded live performance of "Me and a Gun" was at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1991.

"Me and a Gun" was sung every night on Tori's 1994 Under the Pink Tour, 1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour, and 2001 Strange Little Girls Tour. Tori explained that "I made a commitment not to be a victim again, by writing and by singing as often as I can Me and a Gun", and find the quote about how she sings the song every night on tour because... The song has been only occasionally performed since 2001.

A notable performance of "Me and a Gun" took place on Date in Chicago, Illinois during the 2007 American Doll Posse World Tour. Tori, performing as the character Pip, sang "Me and a Gun" with backing instrumentation from her bandmates while holding a knife and a gun. (Did any press reviewers comment on this?) See what Tori's explanation was for the performance.


Me and a Gun (UK) []

east west YZ618CD 
October 1991

No. Name Length
1. "Silent All These Years" 4:11
2. "Upside Down" 4:22
3. "Me and a Gun" 3:42
4. "Thoughts" 2:36

Me and a Gun (UK) []

12” vinyl single 
east west YZ618T 
October 1991

No. Name Length
1.  "Silent All These Years" 4:11
2. "Upside Down" 4:22
3.  "Me and a Gun" 3:42
4. "Thoughts" 2:36

Me and a Gun (UK)  === 7” vinyl single 
east west YZ618 

No. Name Length
1.  "Silent All These Years" 4:11
2. "Me and a Gun" 4:22


Credits taken from Little Earthquakes liner notes.

  • Vocals — Tori Amos
  • Recorded by Ian Stanley