Original Sinsuality Tour
Original Sinsuality Tour.jpg
Tour by Tori Amos

Associated album

The Beekeeper

Start date

April 1, 2005

End date

July 10, 2005


8 in Australia
33 in Europe
15 in North America
56 total

The Original Sinsuality Tour was Tori Amos' Xth concert tour. Amos toured in support of her 2005 album The Beekeeper.


The 2005 Original Sinsuality Tour was Amos' first solo tour since 2001 and took its name from the song "Original Sinsuality" on The Beekeeper. The tour had three legs, beginning in North America with a concert in Clearwater, Florida on April 1, 2005, moving to Australia in May, and winding up in Europe with a final concert in Istanbul, Turkey on July 10.

Amos toured with a Bosendorfer piano, an 88 Fender Rhodes electric piano, two Hammond A-100 organs, and a Leslie 147 cabinet.

Critical reception[]


As with many of Amos' tours, the Original Sinsuality Tour had a largely fluid setlist, with most song selections changing from night to night. Each concert opened with "Original Sinsuality" and the main set ended with "The Beekeeper" performed on Hammond organ. A segment called Tori's Piano Bar occurred midway through each show, during which Amos performed a wide variety of cover songs requested online.

Amos played X different songs during the Original Sinsuality Tour. Frequently performed songs included "Amber Waves", "Bells for Her", "Mother Revolution", "Yes, Anastasia" and "Barons of Suburbia".

Opening acts[]

  • Matt Nathanson (United States)
  • Tyrone Noonan (Australia)
  • Tom McRae (Europe)

Concert recordings[]

Main article: The Original Bootlegs

Six concerts from the Original Sinsuality and Summer of Sin tours were recorded and released as The Original Bootlegs. Each show was released as a two-disc set.