Plugged Tour

Associated album

From the Choirgirl Hotel

Start date

April 18, 1998

End date

December 3, 1998


13 (Sneak Preview club tour)
33 in Europe
? in North America
137 total

The Plugged Tour was the fourth concert tour by Tori Amos. Launched in support of her 1998 album From the Choirgirl Hotel, the tour marked the first time Tori played live in concert with a band.


Tori's bandmates were Steve Caton on guitar, Matt Chamberlain on drums, and Jon Evans on bass. 

Sneak Preview club tour[]

Before the tour's official start in May 1998, Tori played a series of North American shows dubbed the Sneak Preview club tour. The Sneak Preview tour began in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on April 18th and ended on May 6th in Los Angeles.

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During the Sneak Preview club tour, Tori wore casual clothes at the suggestion of her husband Mark Hawley. In 2012, Tori told PopMatters that her usual stylist Karen Binns "saw something about it and she tracked me down and gave me an earful." For the tour proper, Binns designed sparkly aprons Tori called "a lot of fun" and which Matt Mazur and Joe Vallese PopMatters deemed one of their ten favorite Tori style moments.

Opening acts

Multiple opening acts performed during the Plugged Tour. Singer-songwriter David Poe opened for Tori during the North American sneak preview club tour, while Irish pop-rock band The Devlins served as opening act during the European leg and much of the North American segment. Canadian singer-songwriter Ron Sexsmith opened two shows in the United States before the British trio Unbelievable Truth took over for the remainder of the tour.


As with many of Amos' tours, the Plugged Tour had a loosely-structured setlist, with song selections varying from night to night. Shows on the UK and European legs opened with "Black-Dove (January)" whereas "Precious Things" served as the opening song on the North American leg. Halfway through each show, Tori performed a few songs alone at the piano, a segment she revisited on subsequent band tours. The main set of all shows ended with a full-band performance of "The Waitress".

Amos played 87 different songs on the Plugged Tour.

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Concert recordings[]

To Venus and Back[]

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Planned live DVD[]

The final show of the Plugged Tour on December 3, 1998 in East Lansing, MI was filmed by Loren Haynes for a planned live DVD. While this DVD was never released, footage from the tour was used for the music video for "Bliss".

When asked in 2012 about the status of the DVD, along with the planned live release from the 2007 American Doll Posse World Tour, Tori noted that "we have them in the vault. They need to be edited, so it would be quite a project."