"Space Dog"
Tori-Amos Under-the-Pink
Song from Under the Pink


January 31/February 1, 1994


3:44 (Under the Pink)
5:46 (To Venus and Back)


Atlantic Records, East West Records


Tori Amos


Tori Amos and Eric Rosse

"Space Dog" is the eleventh song on Tori Amos's 1994 album Under the Pink.

Background Edit

Tori has offered several stories of the origins of Space Dog.

To Venus and Back Edit

A live recording of the song from the 1998 Plugged Tour was released on the 1999 double album To Venus and Back.

Live performances Edit

"Space Dog" was first performed during the 1994 Under the Pink Tour and has been played on nearly all of Tori's tours since, both solo and with a band.[1]

Tori occasionally sings the backing vocals "So sure those girls are in the navy..." as an introduction to "Space Dog" in concert.

Live performances of "Space Dog" have been included on Legs & Boots.

Lyrics Edit

Personnel Edit

Credits taken from Under the Pink and To Venus and Back liner notes.[2][3][4]

Under the Pink (1994)

  • Piano and vocal — Tori Amos
  • Bass — George Porter Jr.
  • Drums — Carlo Nuccio
  • Guitars — Steve Caton
  • Something — Rantz and Zane
  • Mixed by Kevin Killen

To Venus and Back (1999)

  • Recorded during the Plugged Tour 98
  • Drums/Percussion — Matt 'the human loop' Chamberlain
  • Bass — Jon Evans
  • Guitars — Steve Caton
  • Bosendorfer, synths, vocals — Tori Amos
  • Programming — Andy Gray
  • Mastered by Jon Astley

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