"The Pool"
Tori-Amos Little-Earthquakes
B-side from Little Earthquakes


March 1992 (UK)
November 1992 (US)




Atlantic Records, East West Records


Tori Amos


Ian Stanley

"The Pool" is a B-side from Tori Amos's 1992 debut album Little Earthquakes

Background Edit

"The Pool" was released as a B-side to "Winter" in several countries, including the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the United States.[1]

Reception Edit

More than twenty years after its initial release, "The Pool" has received critical attention and acclaim for its "eerie", experimental nature.[2]

In 2014, Andrew Darley of Polari Magazine praised the song as one of Amos's finest B-sides and described it as "an entrancing moment that features an ethereal atmosphere she can master, sounding as fluid and mystical as the pool she sings of."[3] Barry Walters, reviewing the 2015 reissue of Little Earthquakes, argued that the song "proved Amos boasted the harmonic chops to become a credible avant-garde classical composer."[2]

Remastered versions Edit

Remastered versions of "The Pool" have been included on Disc E of the 2006 boxset A Piano: The Collection and the 2015 reissue of Little Earthquakes.

Lyrics Edit

One with her hands open Don’t be afraid,” she said, No one will know it just you and me and when it’s over I’ll go back

Personnel Edit

Credits taken from "Winter" UK single and A Piano liner notes.[4][1]

  • Written by Tori Amos
  • Mixed by Steve Williams
  • Produced by Ian Stanley

References Edit

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