Under the Pink
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January 31, 1994 (UK)
February 1, 1994 (US)




Atlantic Records, East West Records


Eric Rosse and Tori Amos

Under the Pink is the second solo album by Tori Amos.


On Tori Amos' second solo album, the singer-songwriter continued to offer piano-driven rock songs dealing with religion, gender, and sexuality. However, the album is generally regarded as being more abstract and less directly confessional than its predecessor, Little Earthquakes. In addition to featuring more cryptic lyrics and experimental song structures, Amos invited in reggae influences on the single "Cornflake Girl," prepared piano on "Bells for Her," and Debussy-inspired piano lines on the sweeping nine-and-a-half minute epic "Yes, Anastasia".

While Under the Pink contained several singles and fan favorites, it was "God" and "Cornflake Girl" that solidified Amos's place among the canon of 1990s alt rock musicians. Steve Caton's dissonant guitar work on "God," paired with the frank lyrics of "Do you need a woman to look after you?" were risks that paid off for Amos in the musical landscape of the mid-1990s. The song also boasted a video in which Amos enacted rituals from different spiritual traditions, including dancing with a snake and being covered in rats, visuals that surely left an impression. "Cornflake Girl," with its catchy piano solo, reggae-inspired guitar rhythms, and refrain, became a mainstay of Amos's live performances early on. That single featured a darkly humorous US video as well as a more abstract black and white UK one, so both visuals contributed to the worldwide impact of that song.

Amos performed the Under the Pink tour from February through November 1994, encompassing many of the same stops as on the previous world tour. A limited edition release of the album commemorating the Australian tour included a second disc entitled More Pink, a collection of rare B-sides like "Little Drummer Boy" and a cover version of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You", was issued in November 1994. During this period, she also contributed the song "Butterfly" to the soundtrack for the 1994 movie Higher Learning, as well as a cover of the R.E.M. song "Losing My Religion".

The album was recorded in Taos, New Mexico in a hacienda. The album artwork features several Native American and New Mexican references in the photography. The album is also notable as the last Amos album to feature the production of Eric Rosse as they split that year. To date, Under the Pink remains her highest-charting album in the UK and has sold more than two million copies worldwide.

Recording and production[]


Track listing[]

1. Pretty Good Year 2. God 3. Bells for Her 4. Past the Mission 5. Baker Baker 6. The Wrong Band 7. The Waitress 8. Cornflake Girl 9. Icicle 10. Cloud on My Tongue 11. Space Dog 12. Yes, Anastasia


Credits adapted from Under the Pink liner notes.[1][2][3]

Musicians and Vocalists

  • Tori Amos – composer, piano (tracks 1-2, 4-12), prepared upright piano (track 3), primary artist, vocals, vox organ (track 4)
  • Steve Caton – guitar (tracks 2, 4, 8, 11), mandolin (track 8)
  • Merry Clayton – backing vocals (track 8)
  • Paulinho Da Costa – percussion (tracks 2, 4, 8)
  • Paul McKenna – programming (track 7)
  • Carlo Nuccio – drums (tracks 2, 4, 7-8, 11), hanging out (track 1)
  • George Porter, Jr. – bass (tracks 2, 4, 7-8, 10), hanging out (track 1)
  • Trent Reznor – backing vocals (track 4)
  • Eric Rosse – programming (tracks 2, 7-8)
  • John Philip Shenale Chamberlain arranger (track 10), Hammond organ and ARP String Ensemble (track 6), string arranger (track 1, 5, 10, 12)

String Section (appears on tracks 1, 5, 10, 12)

  • Scott Smalley – conductor
  • Cello: Dane Little, Melissa Hasin, Nancy Stein-Ross
  • Double Bass: Dominique Genova
  • Viola: Jimbo Ross, Cynthia Morrow, John Acevedo
  • Violin: John Acevedo, Michael Allen Harrison, Ezra Klinger, Chris Reutinger, Nancy Roth, Francine Walsh, John Wittenberg


  • Tori Amos – producer
  • Ross Cullum – mixing (tracks 3, 6, 9-10, 12)
  • Shaun DeFeo – assistant engineer
  • John Fundi – assistant engineer
  • John Beverly Jones – recording engineer
  • Kevin Killen – mixing (tracks 1-2, 4-5, 7-8, 11-12)
  • Julie Larson – production coordinator
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering
  • Avril McIntosh – assistant mix engineer
  • Paul McKenna – recording engineer
  • Robert Mills – copyist
  • Cindy Palmano – art direction, photography
  • Alan Reinl – design
  • Judy Reynolds – production assistance, transportation manager
  • Eric Rosse – producer, recording engineer