"Way Down"
Pele album
from Boys for Pele


January 22/23, 1996


1:13 (Pele)
1:51 (Tales)


Atlantic Records, East West Records


Tori Amos


Tori Amos

"Way Down" is the tenth song on Tori Amos' 1996 album Boys for Pele.

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Other versions Edit

A remixed and reconditioned version of "Way Down" was included on the 2003 greatest hits collection Tales of a Librarian. This extended version included an additional chorus from the gospel singers featured on the original track, which Joe Vallese of PopMatters called "an unexpected delight".[1]

Live performances Edit

"Way Down" was first performed live during the 1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour and has been played on several of Amos' tours since.[2]

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Personnel Edit

Credits taken from Boys for Pele and Tales of a Librarian liner notes.[3]

Boys for Pele (1996)

  • Bosendorfer and vocal – Tori Amos
  • Gospel Choir – Darryl Lewis, Mark Sterling, Marvin Sterlin, Sam Berfect, Jack Trimble, James Crawford Jr., Jus McField Jr.

Tales of a Librarian (2003)

  • Remixed and reconditioned by Mark Hawley and Marcel van Limbeek
  • Mastered by Jon Astley

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