Y Kant Tori Read
Y Kant Tori Read cover


July 1988




Hollywood Sound, South Combe Studios, Ground Control Studios, Sound Castle Studios, Capitol Studios, The Grey Room






Joe Chicarelli

Y Kant Tori Read is the 1988 album by the band of the same name. 

Background Edit

Reception Edit

Billboard said "bimbo music" but it wasn't actually what Tori thought it was.

Doug Stone of Allmusic, reviewing Y Kant Tori Read after its initial release, gave the album two stars out of five. Stone claimed that Y Kant Tori Read is "not that bad, but hardly an indicator of the lyrical bite in her [Tori's] future solo work. Plus, like too much from the vapid video age, it's just shallow and corporate."

In 2012, Joe Vallese of PopMatters argued that "Amos’ real crime in her initial attempt at stardom was simply that she was too smart for her own good. For all the record’s cheesy 80s metal guitar flourishes, cartoonish bass lines, and redundant tales of wrongheaded affections, there exists a bounty of clever metaphor, literary references, meditations on spirituality and the unknown, and quietly scathing commentary on Reagan-era materialism and self-interest."


Tori's opinion of Y Kant Tori Read has shifted over time, particularly in 2014 when she began to perform many songs from the album solo. She remarked it's part of her musical journey.

Track listing Edit

All songs written and composed by Tori Amos except where noted.

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "The Big Picture" Amos, Kim Bullard 4:19
2. "Cool On Your Island" Amos, Bullard 4:57
3. "Fayth" Amos, Brad Cobb 4:23
4. "Fire On The Side" 4:53
5. "Pirates" Amos, Bullard 4:16
6. "Floating City" 5:22
7. "Heart Attack at 23" 5:16
8. "On the Boundary" 4:38
9. "You Go to My Head" 3:55
10. "Etienne Trilogy"
  1. "The Highlands" (Amos, Bullard)
  2. "Etienne"
  3. "Skyeboat Song" (Traditional)